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free VPN extensions for Chrome

Best free VPN extensions for Chrome in windows latest

Don’t you feel a need to access some restricted websites which are not accessible due to state government policies or cyber surveillance? If yes, then how do you connect, Let me help you answer this question.

VPN – virtual private network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet.
VPN can be used to access region-restricted websites and go unnoticed from prying eye on public network/WAN. In a nutshell, you don’t want your personal data/messages/identity to be read by some stranger so, you
bubble wrap your data in black bag and transport it to the destination, simple.

Here are some of the best VPN extensions available for Chrome

  1. DotVPN – Better than VPN
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • save up to 30% data traffic with integrated compression
  • get more features like video streaming, audio streaming, zero content restrictions with premium account.

Get DotVPN for Chrome.



  1. TunnelBear
  • simple, private free access to open internet
  • 20 server locations
  • Includes kill switch, Server network type

Get free TunnelBear VPN here


  1. Hotspot Shield

Get free Hotspot Shield VPN here


  1. ZenMate 
  • Encrypted with AES128
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • compatible with every platform and device

Get free ZenMate VPN


  1. BetterNet
  • Logging Policy – It doesn’t store, log any identifiable personal information of users.
  • Safe – AES 256-bit encryption
  • Too slow for netflix

Get free BetterNet VPN here


  1. CyberGhost
  • over 1,150 servers picked at random from more than 49 different countries.
  • You can also manually specify a country and select an individual server in the country of your choice
  • For those living in countries where the authorities block websites such as Google, Twitter and Wikipedia, users can select the Unblock Basic Websites mode to access them.

Get free CyberGhost VPN here


  1. Hola
  • P2P (Peer to Peer) network, slows down the connection.
  • Doesn’t keep logs
  • don’t have kill switch
  • Not recommended

Get free Hola VPN here



  1. Windscribe
  • 20 Server locations
  • Unlimited devices per license
  • doesn’t keep logs
  • don’t have kill switch

Get free Windscribe VPN


  1. Hide me
  • 27 server locations, 100 server
  • Includes kill switch
  • doesn’t keep logs

Get free Hide Me VPN here

Hide me



Conversions in Oracle apps R12

Conversions are program used to load legacy data into Oracle database/tables. An organization using a legacy system planning to move onto Oracle platform can validate and load all the master and transactional data into Oracle tables using conversion programs. Following are the basic steps to perform a conversion: –



  1. Export data into Flat file
  2. Prepare SqlLdr script and create staging table.
  3. Load data using SqlLdr utility into staging table.
  4. Run the conversion program to validate and load data into Oracle base tables using module specific APIS.


Conversions Specific to Oracle HRMS

Organization HR foundation is built upon organization structure, employee details, compensation & payroll configuration.

HR_API_MODULE table gives details of all the available APIs in HRMS. Remember below key points around conversions: –


Flat File

  • Always have 6 addition columns for ever conversion CONV_PROCESS_FLAG, CONV_ERROR_MESSAGE, CONV_CREATED_BY, CONV_CREATION_DATE, CONV_LAST_UPDATED_BY, CONV_LAST_UPDATE_DATE, NEW_HRMS_ID(Primary key generated after successful completion of API).
  • Populate data in staging table with CONV_PROCESS_FLAG as ‘N’, update it as ‘P’ for all success records and E for all error records.
  • Always, look for date format in excel file, ensure to have DD-MON-YYYY format. For ‘DD-MON-YY’ erroneous results may come up for Oracle end date (31-DEC-4712) records.
  • Try to enclose column values with double quotes (“) where chances are to have a comma in the value itself

Original Data   Himanshu, Goyal  01-JAN-1991       MALE CSV file    “Himanshu,Goyal”,’01-JAN-1991’,’MALE’
  • Notepad++ is your real friend. “Junk Characters”, this phrase is used frequently in conversion, you need notepad++ whenever you come across one. Use show symbol option to see the hidden evils.

i.e. View à Show Symbol à End of line

  • Ensure to format the column where table data type is a number with decimals.


  • Try not to hard code the file name in .CTL file, always pass the file name with directory path in loader program parameter.
  • Search for $CUSTOM_TOP or take help from your DBA and place the .CTL file in that directory path only.
  • Use optionally enclosed by ‘”’ for data fields where values may contain comma.
  • It’s not necessary to provide values for all the columns in staging table, you can load data for any number of columns. Column sequence is the key.

Conversion Program

  • Initialize the variables and set them up in start of for loop.
  • Create a separate procedure to update staging table.
  • Always user ORDER_BY in ASC order for historical data to maintain data integrity and consistency.
  • Don’t COMMIT after every API in the program.
  • For every record, staging table process flag and error message must be updated. Use Pragma autonomous to commit in its scope to commit without fail.
  • Publish relevant error messages to the fnd_log for debugging.
  • Use HR_General.data_migrator_mode in R12 to update WHO columns with history data.
Jio TV app for PC

How to run Jio Tv app on PC

Using Jio TV App, you can search TV programs from 300+ channels and watch unlimited content with exciting features like:

  • Watch past 7 days aired shows
  • Pause and continue your favorite programs
  • Rewind and Forward for 30 seconds
  • Multi-lingual
  • Share with your loved ones on social media

what if you can watch all of it on your computer/PC/laptop? Amazing, right? You can also go to and login to watch online TV but website is under construction.

Follow below steps to install Jio TV App in your laptop/computer.

Step 1. Download BlueStacks emulator

Step 2. Run the .exe file and accept terms & conditions

Step 3. Open BlueStacks, add your existing gmail/google account

Jio TV for PC

Step 5. You can ignore below step (Payment Info)

Jio TV app for PC

Step 6. Give in you name

Step 7. Search for Jio Tv App in search box on right top corner, install

Jio TV app for PC

Step 8. Connect to your Jio Wi-Fi hotspot network, give your user account name and password. Its done, Hurray!

Jio TV app for PC

Emulator is a hardware or software that enables your computer system(Mobile)to behave like another computer system (laptop), it enables the 2nd system(Laptop) to run software designed for 1st system(Mobile).

Emulators are easy way of using play store apps in your computer, all you have to do is install any emulator (BlueStacks used commonly), search and install the app. You are good to use the app you wish for.